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How is WaveFlyer different from a normal boat?

The key difference between WaveFlyer and a traditional boat is that WaveFlyer is a hydrofoil craft. That means it has wings under the water that lift you out of the water, allowing it to be very fast while also being energy efficient. It is also electric, so it is incredibly quiet and sustainable with amasing agility and control that is not possible on a traditional boat.

How much does WaveFlyer cost?

The first production run base price is determined by the hull and battery choice, please see HERE for product options.

When will they be available for purchase?

ENAUTIC is in negotiations with global builders to produce the WaveFlyer and other craft.

How long does it take to charge Waveflyer?

WaveFlyer can be charged to 80% in less than an hour and can be used for many hours.

Does WaveFlyer work in salt water?

All underwater components are fully sealed and corrosion resistant. A quick rinse with fresh water after use is all that is required to prevent any issues.

How do I launch WaveFlyer?

Using a normal boat trailer. At the press of a button, WaveFlyer has fully retractable hydrofoils. Once the fouls are retracted, the craft can be driven on to a standard small boat trailer. The WaveFlyer comes with an aluminium shipping cradle that can simply be bolted to a trailer.

Can WaveFlyer operate in waves?

The key is in the name. WaveFlyer will fly over waves up to the foiling height. In larger waves, the craft will fly over smaller waves and ride over larger waves. Operating speed must be altered to allow safe navigation. If safe operation is not possible, the operator is responsible for deciding whether or not to operate.

What happens if I fall off the WaveFlyer?

We have incorporated a safety lanyard to the WaveFlyer so if you fall from the boat it will come to a standstill and wait for you to reboard.

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