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The WaveFlyer VOLARÉ

The WaveFlyer VOLARÉ, designed by ENAUTIC, embodies silent, serene boating in an electric hydrofoil watercraft. This model boasts a low-seating arrangement with side-by-side seating, ideal for enhancing comfort and fostering a shared, memorable experience on the water.

Constructed on the innovative WaveDrive platform, the VOLARÉ ensures a quieter and cleaner ride, merging agility with sustainability. The vessel excels in offering surreal leisure cruises, ideal for both daily commuting and extended outings on the water with friends and family.

Featuring advanced safety mechanisms and intuitive controls, the Volaré is accessible to enthusiasts of all skill levels, making every journey both safe and exhilarating. Elevate your experience above the water with the WaveFlyer Volaré.

Silent and Serene

Experience the next generation of water sports with the WaveFlyer VOLARÉ. Its cutting-edge design epitomises the peak of watercraft innovation, offering a thrilling blend of style and efficiency above the water.






20 knots

Takeoff Speed

8 knots

Charge Time


Foiling Height


Draft Retracted



+4 hours

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