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The WaveFlyer ROGUE

The WaveFlyer ROGUE is ENAUTIC's all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft that reimagines marine adventure.

The ROGUE marries the exhilaration of PWCs with the quiet serenity of electric propulsion, offering an exhilarating glide above the water, free from noise, disruptive wake and emissions.

Navigate through four selectable flight control levels, from a novice-friendly gentle glide, to aggressive agility, each level designed to match your desire for control or challenge.

The fast-charging feature ensures minimal downtime, keeping pace with your adventurous spirit from dawn till dusk.

True to its name, the ROGUE breaks free from the ordinary, offering an experience that's not just about moving across the water—it's about flying on the waves with unrivaled freedom.

Designed to be bold.

WaveFlyer Rogue is a craft like no other, built on the already proven WaveDrive platform.

Rogue takes a form that is both striking above the water and astounding in performance.






22 knots

Takeoff Speed

8 knots

Charge Time


Foiling Height


Draft Retracted



+4 hours

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Perth, Western Australia.

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