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Revolutionising Marine Travel: Insights from ASMEX 2024 and ENAUTIC’s CEO Paul Steinmann

May 02, 20242 min read

This May, the marine industry’s leading professionals will gather at the prestigious InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort for ASMEX 2024, the premier event in the Asia Pacific region dedicated to superyachts, commercial marine, and marine exports. As we anticipate this year’s conference, we’re particularly excited about the insights from one of the event’s highlighted guest speakers, Paul Steinmann, CEO of ENAUTIC.

Paul Steinmann at ASMEX 2024

Paul Steinmann is slated to speak on Tuesday, May 21, bringing his extensive knowledge and innovative mindset to this year’s ASMEX conference. Under his leadership, ENAUTIC has emerged as a frontrunner in the development of electric hydrofoil technology, pushing the boundaries of marine transportation efficiency and sustainability.

During his presentation, Paul will delve into the rapidly growing interest in electric hydrofoil vessels, a topic that has captivated the maritime world. The surge in popularity of these vessels is not just about their sleek design and high performance but their potential to redefine maritime travel, making it more environmentally friendly and efficient. Paul will highlight the key trends driving this interest and the innovations that could set the stage for the next generation of marine transportation.

About ASMEX 2024

The Australian Superyacht, Commercial Marine & Export Conference (ASMEX) promises to be a cornerstone event for anyone involved in the marine industry, featuring an array of high-caliber keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, and extensive networking opportunities. This conference is not just a chance to hear from industry leaders like Paul Steinmann but also an opportunity to engage with a variety of stakeholders, from naval architects and marina designers to policymakers and marine product distributors. The discussions at ASMEX 2024 will address critical industry issues, emphasise sustainability, and explore the future of the marine sector.

WaveFlyer VOLARÉ Demonstrations

While ENAUTIC is at the forefront of discussions on marine innovations, we will also showcase our latest technology in a practical setting. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness a live demonstration of the WaveFlyer VOLARÉ, our cutting-edge electric hydrofoil watercraft. This demonstration will provide a firsthand look at the capabilities of the WaveFlyer, emphasising our commitment to advancing marine technology.

Visit the ASMEX 2024 Website for More Information

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